Wednesday, 27 March 2013


A mother’s handbag is like a magician's top hat. With a wave of her magic hands she can reach in and pull out any number of useful and necessary items like tissues, Bandaids, hairclips, Lego, bug repellent, loose change, clean socks, boxed sultanas, drink bottles, a sunglass case filled with coloured pegs, spare undies, sunscreen, coloured pencils, AA batteries, a pop-up book, moist wipes, plastic cutlery or a voucher for 'a free eye brow wax with your next Brazilian' from Hair-we-go Wax Emporium. But, there comes a day in every well prepared mothers life when what she needs just isn’t there and, after groping fruitlessly in the cavernous depths of her magic bag, she is forced to dry down her dripping wet and shivering child with a spare sanitary napkin.

When last did your magic bag let you down?

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